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  • Natural Cordierite Loose gemstone   Round Cut 1.0mm

    Natural Cordierite Loose gemstone Round Cut 1.0mm

    Description:Cordierite, also known as iolite, is a stunning gemstone that is typically blue to violet in color. It is a silicate mineral that is often used as a gemstone for jewelry due to its beauty and durability. Cordierite is found in a range of locations around the world and is prized for its high clarity and brilliance. It is also known for its strong pleochroism, meaning that it displays different colors when viewed from different angles. In addition to its use in jewelry, cordierite is also used in a variety of industrial applications, such as in the manufacture of ceramics and refractory materials.

    Acceptance: OEM/ODM, Wholesale, customization

    Payment:Bank transfer , PayPal

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