The collection of large quantities of goods, accounting for efficient supply chain.

The company is adhering to the product concept of “Color Gems, we only do natural!”In recent years, high-speed integration of global natural gem scarce resources, a large number of procurement market rare goods, up to now, the total stock has been in the leading position compared with the local counterparts. It is one of the most competitive mainstream suppliers of natural gemstones in south China.

The introduction of high-end technology, technology escort.

Up to now, the company, as the first local enterprise to introduce high-end intelligent electronic color separators, has effectively opened the “Machine detection + manual review”dual detection mode, to achieve 100% efficient color classification of goods, to meet the high standards of customer demand.

Adhere to the star quality, the pursuit of top quality.

95% of the raw materials come from the world’s famous mining resources (Myanmar, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, India, Tanzania and so on) , all of which are exported directly from natural products. Every piece of goods according to demand, after more than a dozen processes polished to perfection. Hot-selling products, such as Ruby, Sapphire and Tsavorite, successfully use online cross-border e-commerce and offline purchase and sale platform, more than 100 countries across the country to carry out one-stop service transactions.

Professional operation mode, Output High Quality Service.

The company took the lead in independently developing a large database inventory system and an online smart inquiry mall small program, opening up the distribution channels of various provinces and cities across the country, and integrating online exhibition halls, websites and other platforms to display product information in multiple directions, realize the customer on-line intelligent inquiry inventory function and provide the best shopping experience. At the same time with customer service 24-hour online “One-on-one”professional services, from “Inquiry-consultation-order”to “Inspection-delivery-after-sales service”the whole process of the closed-loop operation system to ensure service more convenient, more efficient, more intelligent, more reliable.