Natural Red Garnet Crystal Clean Heart Cut 4x4mm

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Description:Red garnet is a beautiful gemstone that is known for its deep red color and natural brilliance. It is a type of silicate mineral that is commonly found in metamorphic rocks and is often used in jewelry due to its durability and hardness. The red color of garnet is caused by the presence of iron and chromium in the mineral. It is believed to have a variety of healing properties, including the ability to promote good health and vitality, enhance creativity, and balance energy. Red garnet is a stunning gemstone that is sure to catch the eye and add a touch of elegance to any piece of jewelry.

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Red garnet is the aluminum garnet series of magnesium aluminum garnet, belongs to the common varieties of garnet. The red color of red garnet can make people have irresistible charm, attract happiness and eternal love, increase self-confidence, is the stone of women.

There are many kinds of garnet, among which magnesium aluminum garnet and magnesium iron garnet is called red garnet, which belongs to the common garnet varieties. In general, few inclusions, if any, are mostly round or irregularly shaped crystals, while garnet is not cleaved, and the fracture is shell-shaped, so that it is uneven. Garnet is found in volcanic rocks and alluvial deposits, so its crystals are not large, so it is often made into rings or mounted on small pendants.


Name natural red garnet
Place of Origin  China
Gemstone Type Natural
Gemstone Color red
Gemstone Material garnet
Gemstone Shape Heart Brilliant Cut
Gemstone Size 4*4mm
Gemstone Weight According to the size
Quality A+
Available shapes Round/Square/Pear/Oval/Marquise shape
Application jewelry making/clothes/pandent/ring/watch/earing/necklace/bracelet

The efficacy and effect of red garnet:

1.Bless peace is one of the important effects of red garnet, because the red garnet color is gorgeous, shaped like flame, people think it can illuminate the dark, auspicious and eternal, people wear ornaments made of it, can play an important role in bless peace.

2.Beauty to raise colour is also one of the important effect of red garnet, it can not only promote the blood circulation can accelerate the metabolism of human body fluids in the human body, can improve the activity of human tissue cells, more often wear, made of it accessories, beauty to raise colour, nourish and tender skin, and can make people become more ruddy face, better health.

3.Wear the adorn article that red garnet makes to still can raise individual temperament, it can fight melancholy, can let a person be full of self-confidence, and can alleviate the trouble of human and unpleasant mood, additionally red garnet still can land on one’s feet turn auspicious, can bring auspicious for people and happiness, protect people not to be encroachment by external force, it is rare protect body stone. Those who wear red garnet for a long time, have a gentle temperament, contact with others will make people feel particularly comfortable, affinity is particularly strong.
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